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Skitouring by night

Just me and you in the middle of a winter wonderland

By day the Trametsch is one of the best slopes for alpine skiers and at night it exerts a tremendous attraction for ski touring. On Friday evening it is possible to start a workout and get in the right mood for a ski touring weekend. Even untrained people will feel comfortable.

The easy ski tour takes you from the valley station of the cable car along the legendary Plose Trametsch up to the 1000 m higher Kreuztal. Then who wants to go further can continue and go up to the Rossalm or to the 2486m high Plose mountain hut. In any case at every target there will be a hot meal waiting for you.

When the Friday Night Fever events start, the cable car is running until 11 pm every Friday. Until that time the Trametsch slope will not be prepared to make sure not to endanger the safety of the athletes.

Code of conduct for ski touring on slopes
  1. Climbs and descents are permitted just outside the opening times of lifts at their own risk and responsibility.
  2. Great care and consideration for runway work. The hikers must always ensure that during ascent or descent they do not disturb or endanger the staff.
  3. The safety conditions cannot be ensured on the runway during the preparation and hikers must climb with care. There is no mountain rescue service in action!
  4. Only use the sides of freshly prepared ski slopes. They are groomed for skiers on the next day.
  5. The instructions of the ski lift and staff must be followed.
  6. When ascending or descending in the twilight or darkness, it is mandatory to make yourself visible through front lights and reflective clothing.
  7. Respect the parking regulation and park vehicles properly so that they do not impede the normal daily operation.
For your safety please always check the red lights at valley and top station of the cable car. When switched on a groomer with a winch is on the slopes.
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