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The Alta Via of the Dolomites no. 2,
a trail that runs parallel to Alta Via of the Dolomites no. 1 through the main regions of the western Dolomites (considered to be a gentler landscape), begins in the bishop city of Bressanone and ends in the small yet charming Veneto village of Feltre. This is one of the classic itineraries that cross the Dolomites from the north to the south.
The itinerary crosses ten mountain groups (Plose, Sasso Putia, Odle, Puez, Sella, Padon, Marmolada, Bocche, Pala and the Dolomites of Feltre). However, geologically speaking, three of these (Plose, Padon and Bocche) do not belong to the Dolomites. The landscape along this itinerary consists of sweeping mountainous regions mainly dominated by massive fortresses perched on rocky buttresses, spacious and isolated plateaus of erosion furrows and various types of scenery whose features are quite different from the typical natural characteristics of the Dolomites (landscapes consisting of eruptive or crystalline rocks and heavy glaciations). The Odle, Sella and Pala groups represent the typical Dolomite mountain scenarios.
Alta Via of the Dolomites no. 2 is 185 km long (80 km as the bird flies) and about 12-15 days are needed to complete the entire itinerary. The distances between the refuges are usually greater than those in Alta Via of the Dolomites no. 1. This itinerary is recommended only for expert hikers who do not suffer from vertigo and have climbing experience (the most difficult passage is a 70 m high wall to reach the Passo delle Lede). Overall, itinerary no. 2 is more demanding than itinerary no. 1 due to the larger number of climbs, the longer distances between refuges and, above all, owing to the numerous snow-covered canals that are often quite dangerous at the beginning of the summer. The itinerary includes 18 refuges, two permanent huts and seven larger Dolomite passes.
The itinerary can be completed according to the following segments:


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