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the "CAIDom" downhill

one of the longest and most beautiful downhill races in the world.

The name of the event, “Caidom”, combines the CAI Lodge and the DOM city square: the result is a Mountainbike Downhill Race (one of the longest and most beautiful in the world) from the highest mark of the city of Bressanone – the Plose peak (2.576 m) – all the way down to the city square (566 m) with its beautiful Dom Cathedral.
The first CaiDom was held in 2005, with only a few daredevils racing down from Mount Plose into the valley.
Over the years, the number of participating bikers and their skill levels grew; international bikers came, saw and conquered. Last year, the event had over 300 participants; a number which marked its organizational and traffic-related limits (Cable Car Plose – S. Andrea).

2009, beside the traditional CaiDom, also the alternative uphill-route DomCai was offered: the best bikers needed 1:41  hours for those more than 2,000 meters altitude difference; especially since the route technically and condition-wise is not differt much from the traditional Caidom - Downhill.
By request of the city of Bressanone, in 2009, the original Caidom route has again followed the traditional path (path 17 between Kreuztal and S. Andrea).
In addition to the winners of each category - uphill and downhill - the combination winner (DomCai and CaiDom) will enter the annals as the Plose King.

1st Caidom 4th September 2005
1. Steger Thomas
2. Zintl Markus
3. Költringer Alexander

2nd  Caidom 16th September 2006
1.Somvi Elias 21.07
2.Soffiati Eros 22.03
3.Loos Alexander 22.25

3rd Caidom 8th September 2007
1. Brunner Thomas 21,28
2. Putzi Rico 22,17
3. Graf Thomas 22,22

4th Caidom 28th September 2008
1. ABSALON Remy (F) 0:25:17
2. VAZQUEZ LOPEZ David (E) 0:26:00
3. DOUCENDE Grégory (F) 0:26:36

5th Caidom from 18th to 20th September 2009

CaiDom Downhill:
1. Graf Johannes (A)
2. Purner Benedikt (A)
3. Putzi Ricco (CH)
Plose King 09:  Döhl Ludwig (D)

6. Caidom from 24th to 26th September 2010
1. Markus Klausmann (D) 26:17 
2. Bededikt Purner (A) 26:19
3. Johannes Graf (A) 26:50
Plose King 10: Ludwig Döhl (D)

7. CAIDom from 16th to 18th September 2011
1. Halzer Miha (SLO) 26:08
2. Drnovsek Matej (SLO) 26:22
3. Schumann Max (D) 26:33
Plose King 11: Schumann Max

8. CAIDom from 5th to 7th October 2012
1. Lau Nicolaz (GER) 24:46
2. Gustav Wildhaber (SUI) 25:10
3. Max Schumann (GER) 26:06
Plose King 12: Gustav Wildhaber

CAIDom 2013... nope
CAIDom 2014... nope :-(
CAIDom 2015... :-/

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